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Development and Evaluation of an Audio System Trainer

Pages 114 - 120
Arnold M. Santos (Corresponding Author)   View All
Name: Arnold M. Santos(Corresponding Author)
Affliation: College of Industrial Technology Bulacan State University


DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14047

Publication History
Manuscript Received: Jan 1, 1970
Manuscript Accepted: Jan 1, 1970
Date Published On line: Jan 1, 1970

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Guided by the desire to contribute a little in the development of an innovative instructional technology for the teaching of electronics, this researcher constructed a prototype audio system trainer. Electronics teachers will find the instructional tool convenient and practical to use for visual instruction, laboratory activities and troubleshooting works in electronics. To support the functionality of the audio system trainer, the researcher developed a supplementary laboratory manual. The project whose production costs totaled fourteen thousand two hundred seventy two pesos and fifty centavos (Php 14,272.50) was finished in two weeks’ time. However, this amount is small if compared to the prices of commercially available instructional device developed for the same purpose. The completed project and the supplementary laboratory exercises were evaluated by selected technical faculty members of the College of Industrial Technology of the Bulacan State University, Bulacan Polytechnic College, University of Rizal System, and Lyceum of the Philippines University. Sampling technique as used in the study is both purposive and incidental. The prototype audio system trainer received an over-all mean rating of 4.62 which means that the project is highly acceptable on a set of criteria which includes – physical features, cost, function / operations, and durability. Furthermore, the supplementary laboratory exercises obtained a mean of 4.70 which could be interpreted that the respondents strongly agree on the validity of the manual.

Key Words

audio system trainer, instructional technology, electronics

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