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Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary research journal covering all aspects of social, scientific, behavioral, and other interrelated subject of research presented in the Philippine Interdisciplinary Research Conference organized by the International Research Enthusiast Society Inc. (IRES) The journal publishes papers presented in the conference related to education, technology, sociology, humanities, history, politics, economics, geography, cultural studies, anthropology, environmental studies and others. It provides an avenue for academic and non-academic researchers representing a wide variety of disciplines from the country to disseminate findings and discuss topics of relevance to human activities. The editors aim to foster a scholarly discussion among people with the most varied backgrounds and points of view. In order to include your paper in this journal, submissions must be through the Philippine Interdisciplinary Research Conference official website. The journal aimed to publish articles or significant research report in English and Filipino per volume. All articles in Filipino will be peer-reviewed and edited to the highest standards, as are all the articles published in the journal.

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Career Decision Support System For Graduating High School Students
Pages 1 - 7
DOI: 10.21016/MA15WF13O
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The Use Of Audio And Visual Cues Of Audience And Their Effects On Persuasive Writing
Pages 8 - 14
DOI: 10.21016/JU06WF63O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Aptitude, Attitude, And Motivation In English Language Learning Of College Freshmen
Pages 15 - 24
DOI: 10.21016/JU30WF79O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Online Test Analysis: Determining the Difficulty Level of Test Questions
Pages 25 - 32
DOI: 10.21016/MA15WF14O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Contrastive Analysis of Students Use of Cohesive Devices: A Basis in Designing an Instructional Material
Pages 33 - 41
DOI: 10.21016/JU04WF55O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Error Analysis of Interoffice Correspondence of Selected MSU Offices
Pages 42 - 47
DOI: 10.21016/JU16WF74O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Crunchy Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Shell Activated Charcoal Powder Chocolate Cookies
Pages 48 - 51
DOI: 10.21016/AP11WF22O
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Quality of Life of Muslim Traders in Iloilo City, Philippines
Pages 52 - 60
DOI: 10.21016/JU28WF78O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Information And Communication Technology (ICT) Utilization In Technical-Vocational Schools In Region V: Basis For Five-Year ICT Development Plan
Pages 61 - 69
DOI: 10.21016/AU25EF98O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Family Relationships of Maritime Graduates of the Palompon Institute of Technology
Pages 70 - 74
DOI: 10.21016/SE04EF115O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Managing Change Capabilities Of School Heads: Input To Effective Change And Development In The Educational System
Pages 75 - 80
DOI: 10.21016/AU25EF99O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Task Performance of Deck and Engine Cadets of the Maritime Education Upgrading Program
Pages 81 - 87
DOI: 10.21016/SE04EF116O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Labor Laws Compliance System: Its Implementation In Cebu City
Pages 88 - 95
DOI: 10.21016/JU20WF76O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Cultural Colors Used By Maranaos And Tausugs As Reflections Of Their Characteristics And Behaviors
Pages 96 - 103
DOI: 10.21016/JU14WF70O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Embedding Logistic Regression Model in Decision Support Software for Student Graduation Prediction
Pages 104 - 110
DOI: 10.21016/AU05EF81O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Hemispheric Brain Dominance and Mathematics Performance of Western Visayas College of Science and Technology Students - Phase IV
Pages 111 - 119
DOI: 10.21016/MA21WF38O
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Effect Of 7e Learning Cycle Approach On Students’ Conception On Changes In Matter, Energy And Time
Pages 120 - 125
DOI: 10.21016/JU23WF77O
Abstract | Fullpaper

The BSCA Graduates’ Level Of Satisfaction
Pages 126 - 133
DOI: 10.21016/AU10EF84O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Factors Affecting The Work Motivation Of BSBA Graduates Employed In Carcanmadcarlan: A Survey
Pages 134 - 143
DOI: 10.21016/JU08WF62O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Predictive Decision Support System using Logistic Regression and Decision Tree Model Combination for Student Graduation Success Determination
Pages 144 - 153
DOI: 10.21016/AU05EF82O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Hemispheric Brain Dominance and Mathematics Performance of Western Visayas College of Science and Technology Students - Phase III
Pages 154 - 162
DOI: 10.21016/MA21WF39O
Abstract | Fullpaper

School Bullying Climate in Lorma Colleges Special Science High School
Pages 163 - 169
DOI: 10.21016/JU28WF78O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Factors That Motivate Teachers to Work in School
Pages 170 - 176
DOI: 10.21016/MA08WF12O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Establishment of a Migrant Community: The Story of the Jamahs in San Nicolas, La Paz, Iloilo City
Pages 177 - 183
DOI: 10.21016/JU24WF52O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Four Pillars of Education: Extent of Realization as Manifestation of Learning
Pages 184 - 191
DOI: 10.21016/SE01EF108O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Heuristic: Its Influence to the Mathematics Anxiety and Coping Mechanism
Pages 192 - 199
DOI: 10.21016/MA23WF40O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Pedagogical Practices to Aid Korean EFL Learners with Language Anxiety
Pages 200 - 206
DOI: 10.21016/SE01EF109O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Ilocana For All Seasons: Modern Image Of Ilocano Women
Pages 207 - 214
DOI: 10.21016/SE01EF111O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Prevailing Concerns of Grade School Pupils
Pages 215 - 219
DOI: 10.21016/MA16WF37O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Developing an Institutional Research Records Management System (IRREMS) for the University of Mindanao Research and Publication Center (UM-RPC)
Pages 220 - 226
DOI: 10.21016/AU04EF83O
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Relationship Of College Admission Test And Mock Board Examination To The Licensure Examination For Customs Brokers
Pages 227 - 232
DOI: 10.21016/AU12EF85O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Effects Of Job Rotation On The Employees Of Cantilan Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank): An Assessment
Pages 233 - 239
DOI: 10.21016/JU02WF57O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Social Networking, Etiquette and Social Relationships in Teens’ Interpretive Communities
Pages 240 - 247
DOI: 10.21016/SE01EF110O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Knowledge and Preventive Practices against Schistosomiasis in an Endemic Rural Community, Samar Province, Philippines
Pages 248 - 257
DOI: 10.21016/JU23WF51O
Abstract | Fullpaper