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Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research is a peer-reviewed journal covering topics related to all aspects of education, psychology, and social science conducted around the world and presented in a conference. The journal publishes articles presented focusing on education, educational technology, educational management, techniques, system, processes, tools, equipment, programs, paradigm, behavioral science, social science and other education, psychology and social science related studies. It provides an avenue for academic and non-academic researches representing a wide variety of disciplines from around the world to present findings and discuss topics of relevance to advancement of education. The editors aim to foster a scholarly discussion among people with the most varied backgrounds and points of view. Submission are welcome from academic and non-academic research conference organizers. The journal aimed to publish articles and significant research report in English per volume. All articles in English are peer-reviewed and edited to the highest standards.

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American Sign Language Alphabet Translator Android Application: Hand Shapes Into Text
Pages 1 - 7
DOI: 10.21016/MA21EF75P
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Relocating the Ilokano Women Writers of Nueva Vizcaya
Pages 8 - 12
DOI: 10.21016/FE11WF48
Abstract | Fullpaper

Transformative Consciousness for Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills Development
Pages 13 - 20
DOI: 10.21016/JA13WF44
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Canonicity of Juan Crisostomo Soto and his Masterpiece Alang Dios! in Kapampangan Literature From 1932 to 2013
Pages 21 - 26
DOI: 10.21016/JA13WF44
Abstract | Fullpaper

Development of Progressive Learning Theory – Based Physics Enhancement Course
Pages 27 - 34
DOI: 10.21016/AP03WF88
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Utilization of Online News Media Among Malaysian Youths and its Link to Political Participation
Pages 35 - 45
DOI: 10.21016/MA02WF70
Abstract | Fullpaper

E-Announcement: A Curricular Electronic Posting Application Implementing Spam Filtering Using Naïve Bayes Classification Algorithm
Pages 46 - 50
DOI: 10.21016/MA26WF82
Abstract | Fullpaper

Literary Competence Via L2 With L1
Pages 51 - 61
DOI: 10.21016/FE03EF39
Abstract | Fullpaper

Effect of PLT-Based Physics Enhancement Course to the Content Matter Competence of Grade 7 Science Teachers
Pages 62 - 68
DOI: 10.21016/AP03WF87
Abstract | Fullpaper

Exploratory Study on Learner-Driven Blended Learning Environment
Pages 69 - 76
DOI: 10.21016/SE28EF5
Abstract | Fullpaper

A Pragmatic Evidence of Different Learning Groups
Pages 77 - 84
DOI: 10.21016/NO18WF20
Abstract | Fullpaper

Competing Standpoints of Code-Switching in Classroom Instruction of the Pre-Service Secondary Teachers
Pages 85 - 91
DOI: 10.21016/FE16WF50
Abstract | Fullpaper

Traits of Popular Children: A Case Study
Pages 92 - 101
DOI: 10.21016/MA01EF66
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Physiological-Perceptual Preferences of the Pre-schoolers In DOSCST and their Implications to their Learning Environment
Pages 102 - 107
DOI: 10.21016/MA01WF69
Abstract | Fullpaper

Learning Styles and Mathematics Performance of Grade Eight Students in Los Baños Integrated School, S.Y. 2014-2015
Pages 108 - 113
DOI: 10.21016/AP14EF93
Abstract | Fullpaper

Management of Knowledge Containers and Learning Strategies in The Context Of Case- Based Reasoning
Pages 114 - 119
DOI: 10.21016/NO14EF15
Abstract | Fullpaper

Probing Adolescent Homosexuality: Sex Orientation, Gender Identity, Expression and its Related Issue
Pages 120 - 127
DOI: 10.21016/FE24WF59
Abstract | Fullpaper

Multiple Intelligences As A Factor To Students’ Study And Thinking Skills Performance
Pages 128 - 134
DOI: 10.21016/AP19WF99
Abstract | Fullpaper

Barriers, Strengths And Academic Performance Of Student-Mothers At Laguna State Polytechnic University- Los Baños Campus Los Baños Laguna Academic Year 2014-2015
Pages 135 - 141
DOI: 10.21016/AP30WF102
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Influence of Discipline and Competency toward Employee’s Performance
Pages 142 - 148
DOI: 10.21016/AP30WF102
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Employability Of JRU Business Administration Students: Establishing A Confidence Level Index
Pages 149 - 156
DOI: 10.21016/MA09WF72
Abstract | Fullpaper

Effectiveness Of Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Roles And Functions: An External Communication Audit
Pages 157 - 165
DOI: 10.21016/MA24WF78
Abstract | Fullpaper

Leader Member Exchange (LMX) As Relationship Mediation Between Organizational Justice Towards Work Motivation And Organizational Commitment
Pages 166 - 174
DOI: 10.21016/AP26WF101
Abstract | Fullpaper

Performance of Teacher Education Institutions in the Licensure Examinations: Towards a Policy Proposal
Pages 175 - 181
DOI: 10.21016/AP16EF95
Abstract | Fullpaper

RenTahanan: A House Rental Information and Locator Application
Pages 182 - 189
DOI: 10.21016/MA26EF80P
Abstract | Fullpaper