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Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research is a peer-reviewed journal covering topics related to all aspects of education, psychology, and social science conducted around the world and presented in a conference. The journal publishes articles presented focusing on education, educational technology, educational management, techniques, system, processes, tools, equipment, programs, paradigm, behavioral science, social science and other education, psychology and social science related studies. It provides an avenue for academic and non-academic researches representing a wide variety of disciplines from around the world to present findings and discuss topics of relevance to advancement of education. The editors aim to foster a scholarly discussion among people with the most varied backgrounds and points of view. Submission are welcome from academic and non-academic research conference organizers. The journal aimed to publish articles and significant research report in English per volume. All articles in English are peer-reviewed and edited to the highest standards.

  • slidersIssue No. 2
A Development of the Training Course for Writing Business English Letters through Online Application
Pages 115 - 124
DOI: 10.21016/JA06WF065O
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Reconstruction Of A Towns History
Pages 125 - 131
DOI: 10.21016/DE21WF062O
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Online Reservation and Monitoring System for Tarlac College of Agriculture Dormitories
Pages 132 - 137
DOI: 10.21016/FE03WF095O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Disaster Risk Reduction Awareness Among Junior High School Students Of Surigao City
Pages 138 - 147
DOI: 10.21016/FE27WF112O
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Predictors of Scientific Literacy among Alternative Learning System (ALS) Students: A Model
Pages 148 - 153
DOI: 10.21016/FE27WF113O
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Analysis of Participation in the Educational Quality Assurance of Personnel in School of Ministry of Defense
Pages 154 - 158
DOI: 10.21016/JA29WF085O
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Research and Development of the Ability of Teacher for Student-Centered Teaching, the Schools in Area of Education 1 Chonburi: Follow-Up Research to Evaluate a Student-Centered Teaching
Pages 159 - 162
DOI: 10.21016/JA29WF090O
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Personal Status Affecting the Spiritual teacher of the Faculty of Education Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Pages 163 - 165
DOI: 10.21016/MA06WF121O
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Feelings, Needs, Challenges and Adjustments of Newly Hired Accountants as Instructors Toward Successful Transition
Pages 166 - 173
DOI: 10.21016/MA07WF122O
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Gender Roles of Microfinance Institutions Beneficiaries in Sorsogon City, Philippines
Pages 174 - 177
DOI: 10.21016/AP07WF149O
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Working Capital Management of Cooperatives Among State Universities and Colleges in Caraga
Pages 178 - 181
DOI: 10.21016/AP20WF163O
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Resilience Quotient, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Public Secondary School Teachers of The Division of City Schools of Mandaluyong City
Pages 182 - 186
DOI: 10.21016/AP24WF165O
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Entrepreneurial Intention among Selected Business Students of State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in Caraga Region
Pages 187 - 191
DOI: 10.21016/AP26WF167O
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The Use of Blended Learning System in Teaching Language
Pages 192 - 195
DOI: 10.21016/AP10WF157O
Abstract | Fullpaper

Correlates of English Proficiency among Christian and Muslim Education Students of MSU-Maguindanao
Pages 196 - 201
DOI: 10.21016/OC18EF023O
Abstract | Fullpaper

School-Based Management in the Operations and Performance of Public Elementary Schools
Pages 202 - 206
DOI: 10.21016/OC18EF024O
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Role of Mindanao State University-Maguindanao in the Socio-Economic Development of Maguindanao Province
Pages 207 - 212
DOI: 10.21016/NO20EF032O
Abstract | Fullpaper