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Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research

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Proceedings Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Science Research is a peer-reviewed journal covering topics related to all aspects of education, psychology, and social science conducted around the world and presented in a conference. The journal publishes articles presented focusing on education, educational technology, educational management, techniques, system, processes, tools, equipment, programs, paradigm, behavioral science, social science and other education, psychology and social science related studies. It provides an avenue for academic and non-academic researches representing a wide variety of disciplines from around the world to present findings and discuss topics of relevance to advancement of education. The editors aim to foster a scholarly discussion among people with the most varied backgrounds and points of view. Submission are welcome from academic and non-academic research conference organizers. The journal aimed to publish articles and significant research report in English per volume. All articles in English are peer-reviewed and edited to the highest standards.

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Devasahayam: The First Martyr For Jesus Christ In Travancore
Pages 1 - 6
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14031
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Bystander Apathy –An Enquiry Into The Expression Of Humanity And Empathy In China(2013-2014)
Pages 7 - 16
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14003
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Development and Validation of a Self-Concept Scale for College Students Using Comics Superhero Characters
Pages 17 - 24
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14065
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Health and Sanitary Status of Mamanwa Indigenous People in Selected Areas in Caraga Region
Pages 25 - 32
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14021
Abstract | Fullpaper

Education Curriculum of Learning In Children
Pages 33 - 36
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14017
Abstract | Fullpaper

Computer Aided Instruction For Preschoolers In Mathematics
Pages 37 - 44
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14018
Abstract | Fullpaper

Impact of Outreach Programs to the Personal Development of the Beneficiaries of the School of Saint Anthony, SICAP Foundation
Pages 52 - 60
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14033
Abstract | Fullpaper

Multiple Intelligences: Learners VS Teachers
Pages 61 - 67
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14039
Abstract | Fullpaper

Factors Affecting the Academic Achievements among Dean’s Listers of Caraga State University
Pages 68 - 77
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14023
Abstract | Fullpaper

Development of College of Industrial Technology FM Broadcast Trainer
Pages 78 - 82
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14046
Abstract | Fullpaper

Developing An Improved Heart Rate Monitor With Work-Out Training Android Application And Real Time Audio Coaching
Pages 83 - 89
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14048
Abstract | Fullpaper

Developing an Alternative Math Assessment Tool Using Speech Recognition
Pages 90 - 96
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14035
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Role Of Attachment Style And Marital Quality In Attachment Injury Couples
Pages 97 - 101
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14068
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The Perception of Manobo Tribe on Different Aspects of Life: Their Effects on the Living and Social Conditions in San Luis, Agusan Del Sur
Pages 102 - 113
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14020
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Development and Evaluation of an Audio System Trainer
Pages 114 - 120
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14047
Abstract | Fullpaper