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Devasahayam: The First Martyr For Jesus Christ In Travancore
Pages 1 - 6
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14031
Abstract | Fullpaper

Bystander Apathy –An Enquiry Into The Expression Of Humanity And Empathy In China(2013-2014)
Pages 7 - 16
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14003
Abstract | Fullpaper

Development and Validation of a Self-Concept Scale for College Students Using Comics Superhero Characters
Pages 17 - 24
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14065
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Health and Sanitary Status of Mamanwa Indigenous People in Selected Areas in Caraga Region
Pages 25 - 32
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14021
Abstract | Fullpaper

Education Curriculum of Learning In Children
Pages 33 - 36
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14017
Abstract | Fullpaper

Computer Aided Instruction For Preschoolers In Mathematics
Pages 37 - 44
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14018
Abstract | Fullpaper

Impact of Outreach Programs to the Personal Development of the Beneficiaries of the School of Saint Anthony, SICAP Foundation
Pages 52 - 60
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14033
Abstract | Fullpaper

Multiple Intelligences: Learners VS Teachers
Pages 61 - 67
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14039
Abstract | Fullpaper

Factors Affecting the Academic Achievements among Dean’s Listers of Caraga State University
Pages 68 - 77
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14023
Abstract | Fullpaper

Development of College of Industrial Technology FM Broadcast Trainer
Pages 78 - 82
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14046
Abstract | Fullpaper

Developing An Improved Heart Rate Monitor With Work-Out Training Android Application And Real Time Audio Coaching
Pages 83 - 89
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14048
Abstract | Fullpaper

Developing an Alternative Math Assessment Tool Using Speech Recognition
Pages 90 - 96
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14035
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Role Of Attachment Style And Marital Quality In Attachment Injury Couples
Pages 97 - 101
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14068
Abstract | Fullpaper

The Perception of Manobo Tribe on Different Aspects of Life: Their Effects on the Living and Social Conditions in San Luis, Agusan Del Sur
Pages 102 - 113
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14020
Abstract | Fullpaper

Development and Evaluation of an Audio System Trainer
Pages 114 - 120
DOI: 10.21016/ICEPSS.14047
Abstract | Fullpaper